Our Partners

LOS IBERICOS collaborates with trusted producers and growers IN SPAIN to supply an extensive range of products to Hong Kong’s foodies and best chefs.


Founded more than 100 years ago, Arturo Sanchez are pioneers in breeding 100% iberico pigs with 2 acorn season, becoming the choice of famous chefs as Paco Perez, Mario Sandoval or Andoni Aduriz. 
Driven by passion, honesty and the love of excellence, Arturo Sanchez products include cold cuts and fresh meat…a true jewel of gastronomy.


Founded in La Coruña in 1906, Estrella Galicia is leader in “Big Craft Beer” segment and produces the Spanish most loved beer by Spaniards. Family-owned group includes Water cabreiroa, Cider maeloc, winery Ponte da Boga and other drinks.
For us, it is a privilege to be exclusive importer in Hong Kong market. Join the resistance!


We work directly with farmer markets in Madrid and Barcelona to bring seasonal products to Hong Kong. Vegetables and fruits are shipped weekly by air. We have been pioneers in importing to our market Spanish and Latin American products as authentic padrón peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cocoa beans, aji, chillies, mashua, oca, nopal, etc…


RUBIA GALLEGA (the blonde from Galicia) is appreciated for the texture, juiciness and flavor of its meat. These large animals are raised slowly in small farms, where they receive a name, daily care and a diet rich in grass and exercise in the open. A healthy and happy animal & meat free of antibiotics and hormones.


Spain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Cantabric Seas. Second in the world in fish consumption per person, seafood is part of any Spanish feast. Home of the best octopus and delicacies such as carabinero, blue belly shrimp, goose bernacles, etc,…We work directly with the fish markets to bring you the best at each season.


We carry the most extensive selection of Spanish cheese in Hong Kong. 
Spain is one of the top cheese producers in the world with specialties in each region of the country. The process starts with selected breeds of cattle, available in Spain only. 
We have experience in creating cheese platters for restaurants and particulars. Check our list!


We represent Torello winery, producers of Corpinnat premium sparkling and wines produced under Penedes D.O. 
Vila Viniteca (one of the largest wine distributor in Spain) selects under the label “uvas felices” an array of jewels such “El Hombre Bala” 100% Grenache produced by Comando G in Madrid.
Check our complete and increasing list of Spanish wines.